Video poker: a themed collection of online games free to play

Video poker – is one of the most popular gambler games ever, well-known all around the world. On the different platforms you could find two types of video poker games: free type, that gives player an opportunity to train, to try different systems and get used to pokies without losing money; and other type, that requires bets with real money. Once you got enough experience and saved enough curiosity to keep playing, you could start a real deal and bet with real money, trying your luck to get huge payout.

Bets on real money – is the most interesting moment for the gamblers, because they’re not only getting pleasure, playing favorite games, but also earn money that way.

Top of the best classic video poker games to play online for free

Gambling platforms offer huge variety of games to their customers, so that every gamer could choose the most interesting game and spend there some hours. Unlike slots, video poker needs some training before player completely master the game and start getting money. Right strategy – is a key to the huge income, and to avoid losing money during the learning process, you should check out the list of the best free video poker games and try your skill out there.

  • Jacks or Better Video Poker. It’s a type of video poker, that has the biggest popularity all around the world. Winnings of player depends of the strenght of their poker hand and the cards that they have at the moment. To earn money, player should make at least a couple of jacks and collect a couple of good combos.
  • Bonus Poker. It’s an improved version of the Jacks, with the higher payout percentages. If you got four of a kind cards – it’s your lucky day.
  • All American. Type of video poker, that offers huge payout for getting some combinations: straights, flushes and straight flushes. But if you got the pair or full house, your winnings will be reduced.

Video poker games with the most fascinating payout

When the person got enough experience of how the gambling system works, practiced skill at free video poker – obviously he will want to transform this hobby into a work. To get decent winnings, it’s important to find platforms and games, that offer the best payouts to their customers and start earning money there. You could make up your mind, reading some gamer reviews and articles, comparing advantages that casinos offer to their client. We’ve made a list of games, that offer decent payout:

  1. Full-Pay Deuces Wild. Classic video poker game, that has very impressive return rate – 100,76%. It basically means, that the game has no analogs when it comes to the payment rate and game rules. One of the favorite features of gamers – it’s a posibility to change your cards and get extra chance to put together winning combination.
  2. Double Bonus Poker. Return rate of game – is 100,17% and no wonder, that it has massive popularity between players. If the player collected certain combinations – he’ll be generously rewarded, the quantity of winning depends of the cards that player got during the game.
  3. Pick ’em Poker. Amount of the players return – 99,95%, which is very good, knowing how much gambling platforms exist. Collecting Royal Flush, player will get 6000 coins.

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