Where to practice online roulette?

Free online roulette: where to practice and how to win?

You can find free games whether in web casinos or on the websites dedicated to game rules and strategies. Make sure that the site you’ve chosen for demo gaming follows such criteria:

  1. It doesn’t ask you to register to get access to online roulette.
  2. The time for gaming is not limited.
  3. If it’s web casino, make sure it’s legal and licensed by industry authorities.
  4. Choose websites that have a good amount of games to offer.
  5. Make sure you won’t be interrupted by intrusive adds while you play.
  6. Search for the sites that can help you with the rules and strategies.

It’s highly recommended to try demo game first before betting real money. It’ll help you to:

  • learn all betting options;
  • understand the game flow;
  • develop your own strategies;
  • find out what bets are the best;
  • learn to manage your bankroll.

Free online roulette is a perfect tool to practice and ind out how to win money.

Brief game rules

Roulette is a very simple game. It uses a table with special layout and a wheel with ball for random number selection. Your goal is to guess what number the ball will select. There are many types of bets available in the game. The more numbers they cover, the lower the payouts are. You’ll get the biggest prize if you’ll guess a concrete number the ball will show. It’s called straight and it pays 35 to 1.

Such wager types as split, street\trio, corner and line\basket cover 2, 3, 4 and 6 numbers. The prize depending on bet type is from 17 to 1 to 6 to 1.

There are also outside bets in online roulette. They cover many numbers but the payouts are rather small. These wagers are Odd/Even, Red\Black, 1 – 18, 19 – 36, 3 columns and 3 rows with 12 numbers. All the bets except columns and rows pay 1 to 1. The two wager types left offer 2 to 1 payouts.

Online roulette betting tips

The main idea of all the game strategies is to get the biggest profit, while covering all the possible risks. The popular betting strategies are:

  1. Seven corners. It uses 7 corner bets to get the best payouts possible.
  2. James Bond. The idea is to cover numbers 19 – 36, zero and 13 – 18 line bet.
  3. Martingale method. In this strategy you’re choosing the same color each round. If you lose, you double the wager.

There are a few more popular betting methods like Voisins du Zero, Nighbors and Jeu Zero, but they’re not available in American Roulette.

Online roulette free: where to practice to get bigger wins? Online roulette requires lots of practice to win good money. Learn where to play online free and what strategies to use to get better payouts.

Online pokies that are considered the best for all casino players

Online pokies in casinos with a no-deposit bonus

Studying the question of which online pokies are the best and the most winning ones in 2020, it is impossible to find a specific answer, since many slots from the world manufacturers are characterized by a high percentage of return. Australians should not also forget that luck is important, which can give a large win from just one spin. However, beginners and experienced gamblers give preference to precisely those online pokies real money games that are configured for high returns and occupy leading positions in the ratings.

The best pokies to play online for money and rules to find them

Online pokies Australia professional gamblers know for sure that is it a difficult task to find the best free and real -money online pokies with high returns: reading a review on every slot can be helpful.

Popular software developers offer users products with high returns, a large number of bonuses and high-quality graphics. However, the payout ratio can vary significantly, so even extra rounds may not save the session. To avoid annoying mistakes and get the most out of profitable entertainment, follow these simple rules:

  • Choose pokies with a high payout percentage (it is indicated on the profile sites in the description of the slots);
  • Do not count on quick winnings and get ready for a long gaming session with significant financial contributions;
  • Take into account the frequency of occurrence of winning combinations and their cyclical nature;
  • Periodically make bets in progressive jackpot slots;
  • Study the rules for using no deposit online pokies bonuses in detail to get the opportunity to increase your bankroll at times.

Meanwhile, license slots operate on the basis of an RNG; therefore, it is impossible to calculate which combination of characters will appear at the moment.

The best pokies to play in Australia reviews

Here are the top 3 games that gained popularity on the Green Continent:

  1. Mega Moolah. It the most popular game among all online pokies with a progressive jackpot. This is the slot that has made several gamblers real millionaires and changed their lives forever.
  2. Sizzling Hot. It is a slot for online pokies Australia gamblers with a small budget and for highrollers as well. The poke has a risk function, therefore a winner can get twice more than his initial prize.
  3. Book of Ra Deluxe (Novoline). It gives free spins for 3 books and it is also in the list of the top games. There are many additional bonus symbols that bring big wins here. Thematic style of ancient Egypt, in which, according to legend, the Book of Ra should open the way to the treasures of the pharaoh, attracts many gamblers.

No deposit bonuses of AU casinos

If a gambler is intended to play for free but get money, he has to register and gamble at the casino with attractive no deposit bonuses. The list of the top-rated AU casinos with this offer includes the following sites:

  • Tangiers;
  • 21Dukes;
  • Two-Up Casino;
  • Grande Vegas and some other casinos with online pokies played with a no-deposit bonus.

In addition, beginners must avoid the services of unscrupulous websites and make bets on fake copies of the slot, where the result of the rotation is known to the owners of the resource only.

Online Poker rooms that can be trusted most of all

Online Poker to play for money in Australia

Gamblers that prefer to play card games, usually, choose Texas Hold’em Online Poker. The greatest popularity of this game on the Green Continent is explained by several moments: online Poker Australia players enjoy intellectual games, where logical thinking plays a bigger role than a bit of usual luck.

How to play online poker Australia and win real money

It will be naïve to think that starting to play legal online Poker the player will immediately earn a lot of real money. To master this card game, gamblers need to constantly work to improve the level of their skills. To do this, each player needs to study the subject literature, analyze his game and the game of opponents using special programs that collect and process all the statistics of the game and, of course, spend days and months practicing the game. The newbie needs to start with free online Poker. Then, the game with small limits must be chosen. Further, gradually, increasing the size of the bet, he can switch to the game at higher rates. For those who do not want to risk a cent of their own money, there is the opportunity to start playing free Video Poker Slots.

The main guarantee of the profitability of the gaming activity will be a quality game. No one should forget about bonuses offered by online casinos, especially, the 1st deposit bonus. The player can get a small income from the game without risking his money. To do this, he can pick free tournaments where sponsors provide real money as prizes.

Legal sites to play Texas Hold’em online for free

Today, dozens of online Poker sites around the world offer the opportunity to play for free. Australian legal online casinos also have similar propositions. When choosing a room for playing via the Internet, the player needs to pay attention to a number of important points.

Deposit and withdrawal of funds must be considered. Most modern rooms offer players the opportunity to deposit and withdraw money through various electronic payment systems, such as Neteller or Pay Pal. It is also possible to deposit or withdraw funds from the account through credit cards and cryptocurrency. Number of opponents on the Internet is also important. The best Poker rooms can gather more than 250,000 players that can play simultaneously. Dozens of tables are always open at any limits, so here one can easily pick up the weakest opponents.

The best AU sites to play Poker legally are:

  • 888 Poker;
  • PokerStars;
  • Ignition Casino with a bunch of online Poker pokies;
  • Juicy Stakes, etc.

All these gambling Australian resources let AU gamblers play this stunning card game both for free and for money. Only live casino games cannot be tried in a Demo mode: real dealers’ work must be always paid, and a free game round there becomes impossible.

Online Blackjack: AU Multiplayer Version & Best Options to Find It

Online blackjack multiplayer is a blackjack version that can be played by several people at the same time.

Online blackjack multiplayer game will provide an opportunity for all fans of the legendary card game, popular in all casinos in the world to test themselves, sitting at the table with real users of personal computers from around the world. Once at the table with green cloth, the player can give the right to choose opponents in the game to artificial intelligence, then the program will select opponents for him, or invite real friends from life or virtual acquaintances to the game table. What is the strategy and professionalism of casual game partners is unknown. The dealer at the table is the program.

Online Blackjack with Other Players: Best Options for AU Gamblers

Multiuser blackjack games are available in various Australian online casinos with the possibility of live games. Creating an account specifically for live rooms is no different than usual. As a rule, the live mode is a separate section in the catalog of games of the gambling club. Multiplayer online blackjack provides an opportunity to play with other players from different parts of the world. To learn how to win in this kind of blackjack, players need to study important information:

  • First, they need to choose the right position at the table. Beginners should take one of the last boxes, so there will be more time for counting cards and making decisions.
  • Although professional gamers do not like it when inexperienced take this place since their decisions affect the second card of the dealer. After that, it is better to play one, previously selected strategy. So the chances of winning will be increased several times;
  • They need to start the online blackjack, even with friends, with a basic strategy that does not have complex schemes, it can be a scheme for doubling or dividing. Only after mastering these techniques is it worth trying more complex ones;
  • If players have additional questions about the gameplay, payouts, winnings, and more, they can contact the support service, which works around the clock.

To understand how to win the multiplayer version of blackjack online free, users must study the rules of the classic game. They are very simple and easy to remember. Using such simple strategies, they need to study the differences between hard and soft combinations, which can be used differently for each case.

Free Apps as the Best Option to Play Blackjack with Friends

Today, large Australian online casinos offer applications for Android and iOS, which make it possible to play blackjack with multiple users. Each app perfectly conveys the spirit of online blackjack and has a convenient, nice looking, and intuitive interface. Functions and features:

  • Colorful cards, excellent animation;
  • Touch control of all the chips;
  • Splitting cards and doubling bets to increase winnings;
  • Insurance against a possible combination of blackjack with the dealer;
  • Ability to refuse the game in a difficult situation;
  • Detailed statistics of the successes for each player;
  • Many possible design options for the table;
  • Tips from the croupier – no limits;
  • Unlimited free chips.

After launching any online blackjack Australia application, on the display, users will be able to see four buttons such as New Game (new game), Highscore (table with the gamer’s achievements, broken down by date and day of the week), Help (section with the rules of the game), and Exit (key for exit from this mobile project). By tapping on the “New Game” button, players will get to the table with the dealer, having received one thousand virtual dollars for playing on their account. Before the start of the distribution, using the slider, it is proposed to select the amount of the bet. Then, they should click on the “Set” button, and start waiting for their cards.